About GRP

Golf rules can be very confusing.   If you play one round with three other people, the chances are very high that someone will violate a rule during that round.  Golf Rules Pro brings the rules to life.  It gives you real examples in regular language.  It isn’t our mission to replace the USGA or R&A rule book.  Instead, it is our mission to make parts of those rule books more understandable, and therefore make it easier to play the game as intended.  That is, you can become a golf rules pro.

Golf Rules Pro is written by a golfer based in New York City, someone who doesn’t get to play as much as he’d like.  You can contact him at Matt@GolfRulesPro.com.   We strive to make this completely accurate but even we may need to take a mulligan at times.  Please let us know if you see an error and we’ll research it and fix it.