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Golf Rules: Accidental Movement of A Ball – The Tree Incident

We received an email from Graham in Piedmont CA that described the following situation.  Graham and his opponent (let’s call him Bob) were playing a match.  On the seventh hole, Bob drove his ball into a set of trees lining the fairway.  They went to the area expecting to find the ball, but after lookingContinue Reading

Golf Rules: The Best Get it Wrong at the Solheim Cup

At the 2013 Solheim Cup tournament, a controversy ensued when two rules officials allowed for an incorrect drop.   What happened?  In the first afternoon match of the opening day, Carlotta Ciganda hit a drive into the lateral water hazard to the right of the 15th fairway.   If you recall, if a player hitsContinue Reading

Golf Rules: Slow Play Penalties

If you golf more frequently than once per decade, you have faced the situation where you and your playing partners are having to wait for the group ahead to move so you can play.  Since courses are not consistently all straight and short par 4’s, delays at a hole or two is common.  But whenContinue Reading

Golf Rules: The Dreaded Divot

I was playing Tim in a match and he was up 1 as we stood on the 16th tee, a long par 5.  I did my routinely weak drive about 220 yards, but Tim spanked his a good 40 yards past mine putting him in position to reach the green in two.  I hit myContinue Reading

Golf Rules: Flagstick Controversies

I was playing in my regular morning group one time in a two-person vs. two-person best ball match.   Once we all were on the green, I walked to the flagstick to attend it for my partner.  (Officially, you “attend” the flagstick, not “tend” it.  That could be a good bar bet at the 19thContinue Reading