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Confusing Golf Rule #3: Provisional Balls

If you have read Confusing Rule #2:  Out of Bounds and Lost Balls down to the end, this may be repetitive.  But the confusion around provisional balls is sufficient enough to get it’s own section. The idea behind provisional balls is really to keep pace of play reasonable.  If you think you just airmailed aContinue Reading

Confusing Golf Rule #2: Out of Bounds and Lost Ball

I used to belong to a gem of a club in Northern California, Sequoyah Country Club.  Sequoyah is known for narrow fairways, lots of trees, changing terrain and small but fast greens.  And trouble.  I’ve been in a lot of trouble at Sequoyah and not just at the 19th hole.  Where trouble exists, the rulesContinue Reading

Confusing Golf Rule #1: Red Stakes & Yellow Stakes

A few weeks ago I was golfing with a few friends in Albuquerque, one of whom had just finished the USGA’s all-day rules course.  During our round, Fred put a ball into the desert scrub to the right of the rough and we could see from the tee that there were red stakes on theContinue Reading

Ball Moved by Outside Interference

The golf majors are always a great place to find quirky rules issues.  Odd rules come into play every week on all pro tours, but since there are so many hours of coverage for the majors more of them can be seen. Here’s an odd one.  At the 2013 US Open, Carl Pettersson is inContinue Reading