Most Confusing Golf Rules

There are a lot of rules in golf that are confusing.  Here are the rules that are the most confusing that come into play most frequently:

#1:  Red Stakes and Yellow Stakes.  Click here to see the differences between the two and what your options are.

#2:  Out of Bounds and Lost Ball.  Click here to see how to proceed when you know (or think you know) your ball is gone.

#3:  Provisional Balls.  Click here to see when and how to use a provisional ball.

#4:  Objects in a Sand Bunker.  Click here to find out when you can remove something in a bunker and when you can’t.

#5:  Unplayable Lies:  Click here to find out when and how to take an unplayable lie and proceed.

#6:  Nearest Point of Relief:  Click here to find out how to determine the nearest point of relief for a free drop.

#7:  Embedded Ball:  Click here to find out when and how you take relief if your ball is stuck in the ground.

#8:  Adjusting Clubs and Bent Clubs:  Click here to know when you can use them — and when you can’t.

#9:  Sprinkler Head Near the Green:  Click here to know if you have to go over the sprinkler head or not.

#10:  Anchored Putters and Long Putters:  Click here to understand what the proposed ban means for you.