Euro Tour to Simon Dyson: Liar. Cheater. Tee It Up.

Yesterday the European Tour Disciplinary Panel ruled on its review of an rules violation involving Simon Dyson, and called him a lying cheater.  Not in those exact words.  But that is exactly what the panel members would say if they were discussing their ruling after loosening their preppie neckties and finishing their third bourbon inContinue Reading

Golf Rules: Ball Movement Rule Change for 2014

The USGA and R&A have announced some rule and decision changes to take effect January 1, 2014.  We’ll discuss some of the changes that will have the biggest effect. Today, we’ll talk about a new decision for Rule 18, Ball at Rest Moved.  Prior to 2014, if a player causes a ball to move directlyContinue Reading

Golf Rules – When a Penalty Is Just the Beginning

At a recent European Tour event, Simon Dyson incurred a 2-stroke penalty after the round, and was subsequently disqualified from the tournament for signing an incorrect scorecard, when a television viewer brought a rules violation to the attention of tour officials.   You can watch the video here:    That’s bad news, but it doesn’tContinue Reading

Golf Rules: Accidental Movement of A Ball – The Tree Incident

We received an email from Graham in Piedmont CA that described the following situation.  Graham and his opponent (let’s call him Bob) were playing a match.  On the seventh hole, Bob drove his ball into a set of trees lining the fairway.  They went to the area expecting to find the ball, but after lookingContinue Reading

Golf Rules: Tiger and the “Oscillating” Ball

Tiger Woods was in a rules dispute recently at the BMW Championship outside of Chicago.  Woods pushed his opening drive of the second round into the trees and the ball came to rest amidst fallen leaves and twigs.  In the process of moving some of the debris, his ball moved.  He said he saw itContinue Reading