Golf Rules: Moving a Ball Mark on the Green Accidentally

As I was watching Billy Horschel play in a PGA tournament round, I noticed that when he marked his ball on the green he picked up his ball and quickly pressed down on his ball mark with the ball.  It made me think what would happen if the ball mark moved when he did this.Continue Reading

Golf Rules: (Updated) Why Tour Pros Should Have Multiple Caddies

Update August 10, 2013:  In the following post, we describe the opportunity for a golfer to use multiple caddies in a round, say a caddie for the greens and a caddie for everywhere else.  This is based on the rule that allows a golfer to change caddies mid-round, as long as he or she onlyContinue Reading

Can a Pro Fire a Caddie Mid-Round?

At the 2013 Women’s US Open, Jessica Korda fired her caddie in the middle of the third round.   Who knows what goes on between player and caddie and what could have led to it and this isn’t the place to speculate.  This is the place, though, to see what the rules would say aboutContinue Reading

Golf Rules: Rain and Lightning

As I write this, the PGA tournament of the week is in a weather delay.   The delay is not because of rain, but because of lightning in the area.  This is all too common on the professional tours and the players are used to delays.   Although the handling of weather delays is notContinue Reading

Confusing Golf Rule #10: Anchored Putters and Long Putters

You may have read (and read and read) about the USGA – R&A decision to ban anchored putting effective in 2016.   Until then, Keegan Bradley & Webb Simpson & Adam Scott can continue to use their putters.  (By the way, give the long putter users a break.  They aren’t cheating.  They aren’t doing anythingContinue Reading