Confusing Golf Rule #9: Sprinkler Head Near the Green

This rule is pretty straight forward.  Say that you hit an approach shot just a few feet off the green.  As you approach your ball, you realize that your normal play (putting) would be a problem because you have a sprinkler head on your intended line of putt.  What does the rule book say?  TooContinue Reading

Confusing Golf Rule #8: Adjusting Clubs and Bent Clubs

Leave the screwdriver in your bag. Over the last several years, it seems that every golf equipment manufacturer has drivers and fairway woods that are adjustable, perhaps all starting with the TaylorMade R7 — as long as you don’t count the weird set you could buy only through SkyMall.  I know, you’ve got an adjustableContinue Reading

Confusing Golf Rule #7: Embedded Ball

This rule comes up mostly when courses are wet, but a player can have an embedded ball at any time.  An embedded ball is when a ball comes to rest in its own pitchmark on a “closely mown area of the course” (grass cut to the height of the grass on the fairway).   ThisContinue Reading

Confusing Golf Rule #6: Nearest Point of Relief

Even though the main point of golf is to “play it as it lies”, sometimes that just doesn’t work.  So the rules have several situations where you are allowed to take a penalty-free drop within one club length of the “nearest point of relief”.  For example, if your ball comes to rest on a sprinklerContinue Reading

Confusing Golf Rule #5: Unplayable Lies

A few years back I was playing at a beautiful ocean-front course in California in the final round of an amateur tournament put on by the NCGA.  I had a quality round going, and I began to think about finishing in the top 10.  On the 18th, modest-sized dogleg left, I put my drive throughContinue Reading